Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Over the past years, particular attention is being paid from policy makers, research and funding bodies to the importance of rural development, as it improves the quality of life and economy in the remote and rural parts of countries. Rural entrepreneurship is the key for sustainable rural development, especially when it targets young people.  

In the framework of the program “EYE in Rural: The Enhancement of youth entrepreneurship in rural,” in which the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development participates as a partner, a complete curriculum for youth entrepreneurship has been created in collaboration with public and private bodies. 

The aim of these courses is to enhance the skills and abilities of young people related to entrepreneurship in rural areas, offering innovative training materials to cultivate their business skills, encouraging them to innovate and actively participate in the development of rural areas. Through the training material, a complete approach to rural entrepreneurship is offered, covering all the necessary aspects such as youth entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, useful case studies from all countries of the consortium, skills required for starting a business in rural areas and ways to be sustainable, as well as tests, roadmaps and funding opportunities. 

The course consists of the following modules: 

-Youth entrepreneurship in European Countries  

-Legal framework of youth entrepreneurship  

-Skills for starting a business in rural areas 

-The roadmap of a business  

-Developing a business in a rural area 

The courses are online available for everyone, particularly targeting teachers, trainers, young people, students, stakeholders and individuals involved and / or interested in rural entrepreneurship, through its website

The final intellectual output of the project, a youth entrepreneurship handbook for rural areas, will be soon available, aiming at motivating young entrepreneurs to create their own company or social enterprise. 

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