Success stories of young entrepreneurs

In the framework of the Erasmus+ project “EYE in Rural: The Enhancement of youth entrepreneurship in rural” Institute of Entrepreneurship Development has collected some inspiring success stories of young entrepreneurs who act in Greece. Let’s discover them:

  • Biosan Agriculture Business

Biosan Agriculture business is an agricultural production company, located in Thessaly region and more specifically in Larissa city, a town famous for its tradition in agriculture which is surrounded by rural areas. The company produces legumes, pulses, vegetables, aromatic herbs and organic olive oil.

Christina Malagari who is managing her family business the last few years improved the cultivation techniques by adding less medicines for growing vegetables. By bringing innovation in her area, she motivated also the other producers and farmers of the area to adapt these techniques in their cultivation procedures.

  • Kava Biosan Wine & Spirits

Biosan Wine & Spirits is a family owned liquor store at the center of Larissa city. What makes this place special is that most of the wines are organic from small wineries from all over Greece. Most of the wines are in bulk and anyone can try them out and buy as much as they want. otc substitute for adipex

Malagaris Jason, who is manager of the liquor store, gained experience and knowledge during his studies in agriculture (cultivation and production), and currently he is trying to bring the Samiotiko olive oil in the market place of Larissa. His vision is to gain more experience in production of olive oil in order to start producing his own products and sell them in his own store.


BRAINSHOT is a streetwear label with an ethos that everyone is equal and able to use fashion as they wish, away from social constraints and ephemeral trends. Each collection features a unisex approach with relaxed silhouettes of all sizes to ensure that no one is excluded. What makes BRAINSHOT special however is the designer’s innate need for unique creation and the various ways in which she strives to achieve just that. In each collection, Elisavet Latsiou, invites different artists from the fields of photography, graphic design and music and together they produce concepts that can be translated into beautiful clothing and prints.

Elisavet is an empowered youth entrepreneur who started her business activity online by her own savings in 2013. Even if she faced many challenges at the begging, she continues to learn and she is trying to adapt the feedback received from her clients in order to create an impacted business activity that can motivates other young people.

  • Morfotiko Culture Club

Morfotiko Culture Club is a non- profit youth organization created by students who decided to empower their own future in a more independent way. Club’s vision is to prepare students’ during their studies, enhancing their abilities to enter in the corresponded to their degree job market. One of the best practices of Morfotiko Club’s Business sector is Unique Holidays Bureau an entrepreneurial initiative in the touristic sector activating members’ managerial, marketing, IT, R&D, customer service and financial capabilities and talents.

Students who decide to create their own future in a more independent way, without uncertain promises and assurances of others with social contributing operations, human values and romantic principles in order to create quality is a good business paradigm to follow, putting first the human experience and interaction.

A few words about the project:

The project ” EYE in RURAL- The enhancement of Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural ” aims to enhance skills and competencies of youth on entrepreneurship in rural areas besides to provide the online training module and pilot training for youth by promoting them entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.